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Private Lessons
Behaviour Modification
& Group Classes

Our Private Lesson options focus on Skill Building - or, in other words - teaching puppies and dogs the physical actions that we want them to do when they are given commands such as;
Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Place, Stay, etc.


Skill Building Lessons also incorporate things like Loose Leash Walking, Neutrality towards dogs and people, and Polite Greetings, plus everything that we would associate with a new puppy who does not have any behavioural concerns!

Behaviour Modification Sessions address challenges that your dog may be having with regards to the way that they experience and react to the world around them. These sessions focus on issues such as; Reactivity, Aggression, Fear, Anxiety, Resource Guarding, etc. 





If you are unsure as to which option would be better suited for you and your dog(s),
click HERE for additional information about Skill Building and Behaviour Modification!

Or, if you would like the opportunity to discuss our available options with one of our Trainers, you can book a 30 Minute Virtual Introduction where you will be able to ask as many questions as you like in order to determine what will be the best fit for your pup!

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Private Lessons - Skill Building

Private Lessons with a focus on Skill Building are designed to assist with teaching your dog the actions we associate with commands such as Sit, Stay, Come, Down, and Heel, as well as things such as Loose Leash Walking, Place, etc.!


This is a great option for dogs who are otherwise well-adjusted, but need to learn basic commands, or need help learning how to be more responsive to the commands that their owners already use with them. Skill Building Lessons are also fantastic for puppies! 


Skill Building Private Lessons are not offered outside of Saskatoon City Limits at this time. However, our out of town clients are always more than welcome to book Skill Building Lessons at our private, indoor facility!

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Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification deals specifically with the way that your dog perceives, feels, and reacts to the world around them. Behaviour Modification focuses on topics like reactivity, anxiety, aggression, confidence development, separation/confinement stress, resource guarding, etc. We are also happy to cover new dog introductions in our Behaviour Modification Sessions as well!

The introductory session is up to two hours in length at either a location of your choice or at our private, indoor training facility. After your consult, you will be provided with helpful documents and additional information that pertain directly to the concerns addressed during the session, as well as unlimited email support from Christina in order to ensure that you are successful in achieving your goals.  

This option is only available with our certified Behaviour Consultant, Christina C

PLEASE NOTE: Locations more outside of Saskatoon City Limits may be subject to an additional travel fee. If you wish to book a session at an address outside of Saskatoon, please contact us via email for a cost estimate. 

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Group Classes

Our Development (Puppy) and Fundamentals (Older Puppy/Adult) classes focus on the skills that our dogs need in order to participate in as many aspects of daily life as possible; things like loose leash walking, recall, polite greetings, etc.


Our Enrichment Classes provide our dogs with the mental and physical stimulation they require in order to keep them happy and healthy. These classes include our Canine Conventional (Competition/Formal Obedience), Scent Detection, Confidence Building, and more! 

All Align Canine Group classes are limited to a maximum of 6 Canine Participants per class. 



This class is designed to introduce you to all of the important aspects of raising and beginning training with your new puppy. 

While we touch on obedience skills like sit, down, etc., our focus in this class is to show you how to create confident, happy puppies, who are engaged and focused on you, who can ignore other dogs and people, and who have a great head start with things like loose leash walking, recall, and more! 

We leave things like "sit" to you and instead focus on life skills that your dog needs to have in order to be able to participate in as much of our lives as possible!


This class focuses on loose leash walking, calm neutrality around other dogs and people, recall building, "leave it", and more! 

If you and your dog have taken our Canine Fundamentals (formerly Life Skills), or an equivalent class in the past, you'll be more than ready for Canine Conventional! 

This class is geared towards a more conventional and formal competition style obedience while utilizing existing skills and adding some new ones! We'll practice down stays, introduce vertical jumps, improve on recall, and work on formal focused heeling.

This class is part of our MINI SERIES, which means that is is a three session class as opposed to our five or six session classes. 

During the three classes, we focus on building your dog's Engagement with you through play, praise, and reward, while increasing the amount that they value their interactions with you!

This is a great option for anyone with higher drive dogs who want to be able to maintain focus and attention around distractions!

Want to teach your dog some of the basic skills of herding but without the sheep? Or maybe your dog just needs something else to learn that helps them be mentally fulfilled. Treibball Foundations can do that! 

Learn foundational skills associated with the sport of Treibball in the safety and comfort of the indoors, no sheep required! 


Scent Detection is not only an excellent way to stimulate your dog mentally, but it also improves confidence, strengthens the bond between you and your dog, and is an excellent way to train when you have limited space or time.

During class you will learn the theory of canine scent detection and get to put that theory into practice! We will be teaching the dogs as per SDDA (Sporting Detection Dog Association) rules.

Includes a Scent Detection Starter Kit. 

This class is designed for dogs who are struggling with the day to day aspects of living in a busy human world and will focus on overcoming the behaviours that occur as a result. 

This class is typically offered as support for our existing clients; however, if you are interested in attending, please reach out to us to see if it will be a good fit for you and your dog!



This option is available to any of our Canine Foundations Class graduates, including Canine Development, Fundamentals, and Conventional. It is also available to any pre-existing client of Align Canine who has completed a minimum of 1.5 hours of Private Lessons with an Align Canine Trainer! 

During this one-off group class, you and five other participants will work on loose leash walking, neutrality towards other dogs and people, and more! 





If you selected the Pre-Class Consult Required option when you Registered and sent a deposit for any of our Group Classes, you may schedule your consultation by clicking PRE-CLASS CONSULT above. 

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