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Christina Chandler
B.A., Psychology 
Company Founder & President

Certified Professional Canine Trainer (IACP-CDT)
Certified LIMA/Cynopraxis Behaviour Consultant (IACP-CYNX-L)
IACP Certfication Evaluator

Certified K9 Working Dog Emergency FIrst Aid Responder

Christina has been a Professional Canine Trainer for more than 15 years and has worked with over eight thousand dogs in both professional and personal capacities. 

During that time, she was employed as a Health Wing Attendant and On-Call Animal Protection Officer with the Saskatoon SPCA, where time she was trained by the Shelter's Veterinarian to complete and evaluate canine Behavioural Assessments. Christina also spent a number of years as a Coordinator for a local rescue group where she focused on bull and terrier type breeds, and has travelled to the United States on multiple occasions to complete Behavioural Assessments for potential rescue and adoption candidates in shelters there. 

Following an internship at Tarheel Canine in the United States where she participated in the development of Military and Police Apprehension and Detection (explosives and narcotics) K9s, as well as working her own dogs in the sport of PSA under the guidance of canine trainer Jerry Bradshaw, Christina returned to Canada and resumed teaching Private Lessons and Group Classes designed to assist her clients with the development of the best possible relationships between them and their dogs. 

Christina has participated in a variety of dog sports, and has titled three of her personal dogs in SDDA (Sporting Detection Dog Association) Scent Detection trials. She is currently taking a break from Sporting Detection while developing two of her pups for private sector Bedbug Detection work, but still makes sure to find the time to train her young Dobermann Aadhya in bitework. 

Christina is an active Professional Member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals), as well as being a Certified Professional Canine Trainer and Certification Evaluator through the same organization. She remains extremely dedicated to participating in ongoing education via seminars, online education platforms, webinars, and interactions with Trainers and Canine Professionals in all aspects of training. 

Recently, Christina has shifted her personal focus to the field of Behaviour Modification, and is looking forward to spending more time dedicated to this aspect of her clients' relationships with their pups!

To ensure that her experience is matched by her qualifications, Christina also completed a Bachelors Degree in Human Psychology through the University of Saskatchewan, and successfully obtained a Certification in LIMA/Cynopraxis Behaviour Modification practices with Steven Lindsay. 

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