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The Align Canine Training

Before anyone gets too excited, no, we absolutely cannot guarantee results with training.

Don't get me wrong... We're pretty darn good at what we do, but no one is THAT good.


There are SO MANY factors that go into whether or not a training plan is successful, it would be irresponsible and unfair of us to promise our clients success, and we aren't in the business of either of those things. 

However, we can - and do - 100% Guarantee the following:


  • Your Trainer will be educated, qualified, and either certified or currently engaged in the process of certification 

  • Your Trainer will be able to explain everything that they're doing, and WHY they are doing it

  • Your Trainer will be compassionate, empathetic, and communicative

  • Your Trainer will be committed to the success of you and your dog above all else

  • Your Trainer will be polite and professional in their personal conduct 

  • Your Trainer will do everything in their power to ensure that your dog's learning experience is safe and actively benefits the bond between you

  • Your Trainer will use methods that allow you and your dog to experience success while continuing to improve your relationship with one another

  • Your Trainer will take your feelings, skills, and physical abilities into consideration when formulating a Training Plan for you


  • Your Trainer will NOT take on clients or situations that are beyond their skills or capabilities

    This means that if your Trainer does NOT feel that they are qualified or suited to helping you and your dog(s) with the training or behaviour challenges that you're experiencing, they will inform you the moment they become aware that this is the case. They will then refer to you another Align Canine Trainer or to another Canine Professional at a different organization who they feel may be better suited to assist.

    Should this ever occur there will be absolutely NO CHARGE for your lesson. 

If you have additional questions about our guarantee or anything else about our training, please check our FAQ page or email us at: 

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