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ProTrain HOME

We do the training for you.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to dog daycare or if your dog maybe isn’t the biggest fan of going for walks, our ProTrain HOME option is for you! This offering is based on a T-P-T approach; train – play – train, allowing your dog the opportunity to absorb information, “recover” through play, and then either work on an additional skill or reinforce what we originally worked on!

For an hour at a time, an Align Canine Professional Trainer will work with your dog in the comfort and safety of your home. The first twenty minutes will be comprised of skill building training and general behaviour development, followed by twenty minutes of mentally and physically stimulating play and engagement options, and topped off with another twenty minutes of skill building time!

Skills that we focus on include basic positions (sit, lay down, go-to-heel, place, etc.) and behaviours (thresholds aka not rushing out doors, leave it, drop it, etc.). Play can involve us loading pre-existing puzzle toys, appropriate tug games, scatter feeding, hiding “treasures” (aka treats) indoors or outdoors in your yard, etc. We are also happy to discuss specific things that you’d like your dog to learn as well!



ProTrain HOME means we do the traveling AND the training;

you and your dog enjoy the results!

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Skills & Behaviour


Choose from a list of Basic Commands and Behaviours or inquire about the possibility of adding commands that are specific to you and your pup! This option is ideal for both Puppies and Adult Dogs who could use some brushing up on Basic Skills so that they're more fun to live with on the day-to-day!


Examples include: Sit, Down, Stay, Place,
Go-to-Heel, Thresholds, Polite Greetings, etc.



Our dogs' brains can only absorb so much at one time. That means that after starting off the session with some training, we're going to PLAY! in the middle so that your dog can absorb what they've learned and build a positive association with learning.


1 Hour Session
$55 + GST

Includes two Training Sessions and a Play Session. 

All programs include a complimentary potty break if desired.

If you're interested in having an Align Trainer come to meet with you and your dog in order to determine whether or not this option will be a great fit for you, click the button below to schedule the ProTrainer Intro Session!

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